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Episode 71 · 2 months ago

Hurricane Ian may impact weekend football


Vaughn Wilson gives us the update on the latest with Hurricane Ian which is on track to make landfall in Florida.

Everybody, good Monday to you. It's HBCU game Day, Tolly car along with Von Wilson. A lot of big football here is we're almost halfway. We're getting close to like halfway of the football season. But every fall you have to be on the lookout for tropical storms and hurricanes. It is that time of the year, and we do have Hurricane Ian, which is out there brewing. Looks like it's gonna make landfall in Florida. It's going to impact potentially the football weekend. Von Wilson, you are a Floridian, so whenever you hear hurricane tropical storm, your ears perk up because Florida is always at risk. What's the latest as of right now you and I are talking, It's Monday morning, Hurricane Ian. What can you tell us? Well, Hurricane Ian has officially become a hurricane. As of late Sunday night, it was a tropical storm, but early this morning, UH sustained winds peaked over seventy five miles per hour, deeming it a Category one hurricane. Right now, would UH right outside of the Cayman Islands heading to cross Cuba.

UH in Florida is supposed to touch around central Florida. Uh, the models show it may touch the Tampa area. The problem with Tampa it's it's it's a very low lying area. Uh. There's a low shelf there, which means the the depth of the water doesn't go out, it doesn't go down really quick. It's kind of flat, which makes the storm surge very impactful for Tampa. So we gotta keep an eye on that. And also the storm is expected to slow down over Tampa, so it could get really drenched and went there in Hillsboro County. After that, the storm is predicted the bounce back out into the Gulf of Mexico with that warm water and go through what's called rapid and tensification, which is a an acceleration of thirty five miles an hour within our period, and it's going to do that a couple of...

...times, expected to get up to a hundred thirty d forty miles per hour sustained wins out in the Gulf of Mexico, and from there it is gonna start heating um North. A lot of models have the center, you know, there are a lot of models European model, this model, that model, Noah. Uh. The center of all of those models comes pretty much straight across Tallahassee, so we're on high alert here in Tallahassee. UM. You know, of course we heard an HB few games. They are concerned about people, but we're also a sports UH network, So UM Fune Cookman as of twelve o'clock today will be closed UM for the duration of the week. UH family has had two meetings on Yesterday, with another meeting today at two o'clock. We expect to hear from Dr Robinson the plans for Florida and m who was supposed to host Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils Saturday in Bragg Stadium.

We are waiting to hear back from Edward Waters they were supposed to play this weekend as well as well as Albany State. We'll be meeting today. There are some other games teams on a slate that could be affected by this UM. We have the South Carolina State that's supposed to play South Carolina that is also in the in the cone that is UM displayed on all the new services. UM. Of course, Miles versus Albany State, Benedict versus Fort Valley more House was supposed to be at Waters in Kentucky, State at Savannah State, all of these games are within the cone projected cone path of in n so we're gonna have to keep an eye on on it. We on all the fans to make sure to keep an eye on it. One of the worst things you can do during a hurricane is try to travel. Uh, So we want to make sure everybody starts getting prepared, getting your batteries, getting your war um. I talked to Apparent this morning. She has...

...a a track athlete at Bethune Cookman and she's satisfied that they are doing the necessary things to make sure that those athletes are safe. Um TAMMI. President Dr Larry Robinson has a great reputation for protecting the kids. When her came Michael hit I think it was four years ago. He transformed the band room into an amazing shelter. And what wasn't just for the kids on campus, It was for the kids who stayed off campus who had lost power. So the university has its own power source so it doesn't lose power. So they brought kids from off campus, even some of their family members, fed them, entertained them with movies and that sort of thing. So right now, life is the most important thing. We love football, but it's not life. So we want to make sure that all of our viewers and and and all of our friends at every HBC across the country make sure that they take the proper measures to be safe. Yeah, you know that is the most...

...important thing. Football is of course secondary, but again with us being a sports outlet, that a lot of big games, even in the s i a C. You know, Division two doesn't always get the proper light shine on it. But you know that Fort in Valley State Benedict game. Those are two undefeated teams going against one another at four. No. Albany State has dealt with hurricanes before. It was just a couple of years ago they had their whole press box was was blown out and flooded, and uh, you know they really had to kind of make do with with how they handled practice each week. So they've dealt with that big game for them against Miles. That's a big rifle rematchup this weekend. Uh, it's it's you know, you think about that. But but as you say, Von, the the impact on human life is definitely the most important thing. So we are wishing people the best um as we deal with Hurricane Ian von you havev in an article. Uh this up at HBCU game day dot com. We will keep people up to date on our web site and social media, so make...

...sure you follow us there. But but Vonn is we kind of touched on you know, schools in Florida, you know South Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, that that whole swack footprint and a lot of that s I a c um kind of accustomed to this, that they've been through it before. Absolutely taller. And one thing I just want to point out, just being a lifelong resident of Florida and actually researching hurricanes for some news outlets before the biggest loss of life in hurricane has come. After the hurricane is passed. It doesn't happen. The hurricane doesn't come and blow over people and kill people. It's flooding, storm search. Do not drive your car through what you think is a little puddle. Those kind of things cause loss of life. Using generators inside, do not bring your generator inside. Make sure it's outside. Carbon monoxide deaths are high after hurricanes, and finally, electrical electrocution. Make...

...sure you get a licensed electrician. But be it's you know, we can't prevent the storm. The weather is what it is, but actually the most deaths can be avoided by just using common sense. So don't be a statistic be safe and use common sense. Yeah, I know, we always kind of want to get back to to life as normal as as quickly as possible. And we don't have a lot of patients, but patients will will take you a long way. Dealing with the aftermath of a big storm that has the potential to impact Florida and surrounding areas. We we hope that, we hope all the models are are wrong, and we hope that it doesn't turn out to be. But you have to you have to be prepared. You can't hope is good, but but you gotta. You gotta follow the science. What you see on this and and and actually tartly over the last few years, that science has been very very accurate. So you actually should listen to it. The you know, the computer models. I hate to say..., but that European model normally starts out one way and stays there. Other models kind of gravitate to it. That European model is very very accurate. So if you had to choose just one, my advice would be is the European model predicted Hurricane Michael's path. It's destruction, its capabilities, uh, just about exactly as it happens. So just make sure you keep an eye on the news and follow the instructions. UM. President Biden as well as Florida Governor Rhanda. Santis have declared a state of emergency for Florida. So now trucks are staging materials throughout the states so that they don't have to travel for to get them to people. Uh, you know, if and when UM major disaster strucks. All right, he's Von Wilson, he's been on top of it. Make sure you follow Van and HBCU game they all week long is we'll tell you the impact on HBCUs in the footprint of hurricane in and it's projected path. Vaughan, thank you so much. Well, catch tell you later this week. Appreciate all your work here, all right,...

...thank you,.

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