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HBCU Gameday

Episode 68 · 2 months ago

Fort Valley State quarterback Kelvin Durham - HBCU football POTW


Fort Valley State quarterback Kelvin Durham joins our Symone Stanley as the HBCU football featured player of the week.

The fourth. Valley State University wildcasts are three in Oh after taking down Alan University to seven, behind the performance of this guy, Kelvin Durham, starting quarterback for the wildcats, he put up three touchdowns in week three, including the game winning score on a crazy scrambled ten yard touchdown past to helps solidify the win. He is our featured player of the week, Kelvin. Thank you so much for the time. Thank you. So the team is now three and oh for the first time since two thousand and four. How does it feel to be a part of that? Uh, it feels good just being able to win back to back games, doing something that hasn't been been for a value and just want to continue doing it for me and my teammates and coaches, Starl so, what had you feeling so good, not only just this season overall, but especially in week three, such a great performance by you. Just the conflicts and my teammates and coaches keep me pushing.

Even though I didn't have the games I want in the first two weeks, they still had confident in me to make the play that need to be made. So that alone just made me feel good coming to this game. So they always say you know quarterbacks. You want to have a quarterback that can when the balls in their hands. And your dwn like you believe in that guy on the center. You know he's gonna lead us to a win and you you show that. Versus Alan. How how did you feel starting that drive, knowing you had to come out with a touchdown? Uh, it just felt like a normal driving me. Honestly, it just I knew he was gonna say something like that. I know we had to make up. We'll put the back on, put the ball on the end zone. So I talked my receivers, told them I need them when they came through. Many plays for so every drive is just the same drive. You know, drive feels different. Your heart wasn't racing a little bit. No pressure, same goal, trying to get the box. So when you look at yourself and do a little self assessment, what part of your game are you the...

...most proud of right now? I'm the most part of me being able to manage the game and state control through at the game right not get too hard and not get too little, just remain comfortable and just be able to be the same way through the whole game. Okay, you definitely show that, especially in that clutch moment. So what has been the key to success for Fort Valley this season? Like I said, three in the first time to two thousand four. What has you guys feeling so good? Like what I coach tell us all the time, stopping to run, protecting the football and winning the kicking game. We do those three the whole season. I don't think lose the game until our three. You know, it just had the same motion of the whole season. Okay, so, as you look ahead to next week into the rest of the season, you guys are three and a you're doing so many things right, but I know you guys are real critical of yourselves. What are some things that you want to see in the coach and everybody want to see end up in order to win in the s?...

I A C this season. UH, really offensively. We haven't paid our best offensively and we're still during the as you said. So once we get on the right track offense, I think we'll be much better team that the season goes on. I love it. So lastly, how has it been adjusted to a new coaching style, having a new coaching town? Obviously it's been going great, but how has the team been adapted to the new coach, about to say coach Gills, makes it very easy for us to hey, go out there and have fun, to play football. He sold up a lot of confidence and on the other side he also sold that we gotta be discipline and you're ready to go down for the team. So just with his confidence, it like it rows around the whole team. Seeing him happy makes us. I want to go hard and let's get the job now. For him, I love it. Well, guys, I am smone, he is Kelvin Durham. Three touchdowns again. It is Ala University to...

...get twenty nine, twenty seven when these guys are undefeated right now. Thank you again so much for joining me. Thank you for having.

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